아임포트 서비스 소개(영문)

Hello, this is I'mport Customer Support team.
Here are the detailed procedures and reference guides regarding the I'mport service you inquired about.
I'mport service is basically a "free" service.
Please note that PG company's subscription fee and commission rate are incurred when signing up for PG.(Check the subscription fee and commission rate)
[Procedure for using I'mport service]
- The subscription process may vary slightly for each PG company.
1. Application for PG.
- I'mport Homepage > 지금 시작하기 > Membership registration and login. > Fill out the application form and submit it.
2. PG registration completed.
- Information on contracts from PG to franchises (written contracts and paid subscription fees, how to subscribe to guarantee insurance, etc.)
- Contract completed after payment of PG subscription fee (PG store ID issued)
3. PG settings.
- Log in after signing up for the I'mport Admin Console and setting store information issued by PG on the System Settings > PG Settings page.
- For your information, it is possible to develop interlocking by setting it as the test mode before signing up for PG. (Reference guide)
4. Link the payment.
If you need any other technical support, please contact I'mport Technical Support Email at
5. Credit card company's review request (2 weeks)
- After testing whether the payment module is executed, the PG contract department requests credit card company review
6. Service open
If you use the I'mport service in conjunction with PG,I'mport will respond to issues such as PG's specification change and library version change.
It provides technical support from early interworking to service operation, enabling smooth interworking and solution use.
(I'mport receives data from PG in advance and updates it continuously)
For your information, I'm introducing many franchises that are using I'mport.
Please check the representative franchises and services you are using through "here."
Please refer to the I'mport Service Guide for a more detailed understanding of the service.
If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.Best